Sunday, January 9, 2011

Polar Express Train Ride

One of our Christmas surprises this year was how much Liam adores the movie "Polar Express". We anticipated something like "A Charlie Brown Christmas" would be more his speed - and the length more geared towards his 2 year old attention span. He surprised us by watching The Polar Express (run time one hour and forty minutes!) straight through from start to finish. When it was over - he said "again"! I don't know how many times we have watched the movie this season - but more than a dozen for sure. Since he was so obsessed, we thought he might enjoy taking a trip to the North Pole on a local railroad. Bonus - we took the grandmas and a grandpa with us! It was great - this will be a tradition for sure!

On the way to the train ride - the way his hat pushes on his ear makes him look like a little elf... I think he has some "elfin magic" in him - especially this night... he seemed to look like a little elf most of the night.
Grandpa and Liam posing. (again... a little elfy)
Watching the train arrive w/ gramma merlinkey.
How cute is this train... it looks just like the Polar Express!
Our elfy hostess "Twinkle" passing out the freshly baked star cookies (Mrs. Claus had made them that ver morning!)

We all got our tickets punched - LIam's was shaped like a candy cane - he also got a magic bell! (Oh and some chocolate milk too!)
He was most excited to meet Santa who gave him a candy cane.
He was a little overwhelmed by meeting the conductor. He is looking a little elfy here too - so is the conductor - such a cute man.
He connected with a good friend who apparently sent him a memo on what to wear!
Peas in a pod!
He was a little wired after the train ride and wouldn't sit too still for a photo w/ Grammy M.... but they still look cute talking to this vintage Santa Claus.

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Anonymous said...

this was a magical train ride! I think we all became a little elf-like during our journey.