Sunday, October 23, 2011

A Cars 2 Bday Party! My Party Place - Agoura

Three posts in three days - don't anyone fall off your seat or anything!! Especially the peanut gallery over in Cape Cod!

Liam and I spent the morning at a Cars 2 themed birthday party for three year old Aslan. Aslan is new to Liam's school - his mother is a gorgeous brazillian about 2 weeks from delivering baby # 2 and his father is from Israel - so, you can imagine, Aslan is a little stunner himself - too bad I managed not to capture his handsome mug - or his mama's.

Look how cute they decorated the party place! Each child was sent home with a helmet (which Liam has NOT Taken off since we got home) and a bunch of Cars themed goodies - perfect for three year old boys - the girls loved it too!

All of the cupcakes were home made! (And delicious) There were Cars tattoos - Liam and BFF Gav-man got them at the same time.
This is Liam's pal Baron - they are good friends, but Baron only goes to school a couple of days a week, so he isn't in the "Bestie" crowd - but they get along great - Baron showed Liam how to play Air Hockey - it was Limabeans first time ... Baron was a pro!
...but he eventually got the hang of it!
This little cutie next to Liam is Elle... she is the cutest (we are both madly in love with her). She is also new to Liam's school - and a welcome addition!
How fabulous is this cake?
These next three photos to me... encapsulate "life at three"... from the clothes he is wearing (so into Batman) to the ball in his hand and the activities he is into, and the look on his face... these are so Liam right now... I hope (as always) I never forget this stage which I love so much!

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Anonymous said...

thank-you my dearest daughter!! You give me the greatest gifts by posting these fantastic pics of Liam. It is so wonderful to get to see all of the fun things he is doing in each stage of his life. I am lucky in sooooo many ways!! by the way, the party looks great!