Friday, October 28, 2011

Cornerstone Halloween Parade

Oh October... how I LOVE YOU!

Parties, festivals and parades.... pumpkin patches, candy, cookies... what is NOT to love?
Especially when you get to see 18 three year olds in costumes on a sunny Friday morning... cutest thing EVER!!!

Liam has been a little under the weather this week - but he did want to come and celebrate with his friends and of course dress up and all that comes with it. ((and because I AM *ahem* the CO-room mom.... i have the super important responsibility of helping out the awesome superhero teachers))

Speaking of awesome teachers - meet "Ms. Rachel" this tiny thing has twin girls and a son... seriously! she talks like a Disney princess, is adorable, and the kids love her (the parents do too!)

This little cutestuff is Ms. Gillian (oh, and little Ava) Ms Gillian is delicious in every way. We are so happy she is in Liam's class.... she also is BFF's w/ Ms. Danielle, and we all know how we feel about Ms. Danielle!!! ((HEART!!!))
Lil Jango walking in the parade to The Monster Mash

Cute Kurt dressed as Hans Solo (I dressed as Princess Leia... but of course the camera man (woman) never gets captured!)

Two of Liams pals: Baron (Jake and the neverland Pirate) and Connor (Superman)

Gavin - the BFF Frankenstein

And there's our girl Ms. Danielle appropriately dressed as Wonder Woman!

Another super hero teacher - Ms. Kari... we miss her too!

And the girl wonder - Ms. Rachel - how cute is it that all of the teachers dressed as super heroes?

Oh... and yes...LIAM... just look at him... nope, he can't just hang like the rest of the kids - he has to make a special move, or a silly face... i think we have a "CLASS CLOWN"!!!!!


Anonymous said...

lots of Halloween fun going on at his school! How great!! cute pics, and glad everyone dressed up.

becoming-mom said...

So cute!! I wish I could have been there to get a picture of all of you together!