Friday, October 21, 2011

Calabasas Pumpkin Fest

It's that time of year again.. Calabasas Pumpkin Fest Time!!!

This year was Liam's 4th time - which is hard to believe... but true - here's proof:

At 2 months!

At one

At two

Liam's good pals Nate and Abby came along (yay) thank goodness it wasn't QUITE as hot this year... we were smart and went EARLY which helped!

This year (as with each previous year) there was:
food and drink - we had our annual pumpkin beer to toast the season

games and activities -this was the first year we were able to partake in this side of the festival - Liam got a balloon bat and his face painted

cool vendors - i bought a SUPER cute hat - but unfortunately spent all the cash we had so we had to borrow cash from Nate and Abby's mom and dad)

lots of strollers and babies - this year, we hit the fest without either one of those items... just three super excited three year olds and a wagon (to haul away some very lucky pumpkins!)

Being silly at home - anxiously awaiting leaving for the "punkin festa-bull" which is what he calls it. (I see a LOT of his tongue these days!)

Its really hard to try to take a photo of a kid in a bouncy... this one was a farm - he nearly pulled my arm out of the socket running to it!
He loved this walking talking slice of pizza - but proceeded to tell him that "i don't like pizza - its 'sgustin" (of course which is how he says "disgusting") nice. The pumpkin festival needs to up their talent pool in the face painting department... this guy had nothin' on the gal at the SB zoo who gave Liam a killer glitter bat man mask... the 1.5" sloppy bat just doesn't do it for me... but didn't seem to bother Limabean - so, we didn't worry.

When he first saw "the great pumpkin" he was scared, but by the end of the day - he was running up to it and trying to be his BFF... When they got tired, they got a little ride. He and Abby get along famously - too bad we didn't get a photo of her cute twin brother Nate.

...until next year Punkin Fest!

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Anonymous said...

love that he has gone each year so we can see him having fun. Seems to love it more each time. a real family fun place! xoxo gramma