Saturday, October 22, 2011

Stu Millers Pumpkin Patch

I know, I know... two posts in two days... a new (as of late) record! But, it IS October, the most smashing month of the whole year. This weekend, Kurt is in South Bend with Arlene attending at Notre Dame Game today - which leaves the Bean and I to search out local Halloween festivities... there is NO lack of them around here. Today we met up with Mike, Henny and the Denny clan at Stu Millers in Thousand Oaks... I didn't get a ton of pics - but they had jumpy jumps, carnival games, tons of pumpkins, a petting zoo and all things halloweeny!

The goats were a teeny bit agressive... sweet - but aggressive, i had several "goat hugs"... in need of shower! I was yelling "NO Liam, DO NOT KISS THAT GOAT"... luckily, he stopped within inches of a goat kiss - ick.

The comedian - always!

I love this little guy.

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Anonymous said...

this does look like a fun pumpkin patch! The pictures are, as always, incredibly cute! Almost kissing the goat really cracked me up! xoxo gramma