Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Father's Day 2009

Kurts first Father's Day was awesome! We started the day off by going to church, and it was a great service. After that we picked up Kurts Grandpa (who is 101 years old - turning 102 July 7th!!) and Kurts mom - and we took a drive to Malibu to have brunch at Moonshadows. Yes, this is the restaurant you saw Mel Gibson get oblitherated at prior to picking up his infamous DUI on the PCH! (Mel was nowhere to be found!)
After brunch Kurt went over to help his mom out with a few things at her house, help her w/ a dead car battery and spend some time with her - then he came home and we went to a local park with our friends Mike, Henny and Tye - to see some live music. Kurt scored on gifts! He got some really awesome framed photos of Lima Bean AND a Drill (the drill was kind of a joke gift.. but he needed one!) His mom got him those cool speakers that look like rocks. (way to go Best Buy... the commercials worked!)
The day in photos below:
Liams ocean front highchair - he did a great job eating out!

He is a bit distracted by the awesomeness of the ocean... can you blame him??
The whole gang - what a view - right!?! too bad it was REALLY hard to get a decent shot.

Much easier to get a nice shot outside. (Thanks valet guy!)

On to the PARK - we all had such a fun time, and Liam as it turns out LOVES live music - it brought out the booty-shaker in him!

Liam and Daddy!

Cute boys!

Liam has the whole world.... in his hands!

Daddy has the whole world... in his hands!
Here is my booty shakin baby!


Anonymous said...

these are all such great pics! I love the booty shakin baby video. He is really shakin it!

Tonya said...

I love the dance, SHAKE YOUR BOOTIE LIAM! He is so grown Kari, wow! Oh, and tell Kman, I love hair, very HOT. Love you all, T