Monday, July 6, 2009

Happy Birthday America!

Happy 4th of July!
We had a really fun weekend. It was pretty cool that it fell on a Saturday this year, so we had a nice long weekend!

We kicked off 4th of July morning in Westlake Village for a parade. We met up with our friends Mike, Henny and Tye at the park where the parade ended. It was a TOTAL small town / hometown situation which was fun and rustic. The parade consisted of kids, pets, parents, strollers, decorated bikes, trikes and wagons! I didn't know that kind of a thing still existed! Next year we will walk in the parade and decorate Liams wagon for the trek! We forgot our camera... thanks Henny for snapping some pics for us!

there were horses in the parade - Liam got to pet them!
The biggest attraction was the firetruck.. notice the people riding on the firetruck? They are a good indicator of the parade crowd.

Checking out the firetruck up close!

Liam and his buddy Tye! Notice how smiley Tye is - and how pouty Liam is?

The toothy grin came out w/ Dad's shades!

Fast forward to the evening of Jul 4. Kurt and I went to a party at The Kenman's house, and Gramma M. came to babysit! They are SO patriotic!!

Liam is a GREAT flag waver!

this doesn't look safe...

He was in the pool all weekend! Here he is showing off his skills for his Great Grandpa. (We celebrated Grandpa's 102 bday w/ a bbq on Sunday)

Yes... it is JUST water in Grammas wine glass!

Did you know sunscreen doubles as baby hair product???

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