Friday, July 10, 2009

oregon day 2 lots of friends!

So far we have had LOTS of fun in Oregon and got to meet and see lots of friends. Today Liam got to meet his Great Grandma Sara for the very first time! Grandma Sara is my Dad's mom - and she is originally from Puerto Rico - she was amazed w/ Liam's Blonde Hair and Blue eyes. She was REALLY happy to get to meet him. Last time we visited she had been sick and did not get the chance to spend time with him.

Happy Great Grandma Sara and Liam

with Dad too.
We also got to have lunch w/ pals Josh, Kerry and their son Grant. Grant is about a year older than Liam, and such a good and adorable boy!

We went into the city to see "auntie Tonya" who came down from Seattle! She is the best - she brought that cute hat for Lima Bean, and a sweet outfit to go with it... can't wait to wear it all together!

Mini was also able to meet up with us :) that was an extra special treat.

Liam loves his aunties!

Mama and Baby

Super cute baby - is this Bambi or what?

Different Mama and her babies, this mama has twins :)

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