Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Liams new favorite word is "cool"... he says it (or at least we think he is saying it, because it is in perfect context) all the time.
new toy = "cool"
wanna swim? = "cool"
spaghetti-o's = "cool"
nate and abby coming over to swim? = "cooooool!!"
I need to make a note to capture this on video before he stops doing it and is on to something new - the phases come and go SO quickly lately! About a week ago, he was obsessed with clapping.. now, he does it when i ask him to - but not 24/7. I wonder what next week will bring?
Anyway - speaking of Nate and Abby, they DID come to play and swim! It was their first time in the pool, and they were superstars!
oh - and speaking of "cool" do you notice a slight BILLY IDOL resemblance in Lima Beans opening photo??? arrrrr!


Meet Nate and Abby - can you beleive they were THIS little when we first posted them on the blog?
Cute Abby - she is such a girlie girl :)
Cute Nate - what a charmer!
Bathing beauties!


Anonymous said...

looks like a fun time. The pics are great.

Anonymous said...

p.s and I can't believe he is saying "cool"

Tiffany said...

thats "cool" what a fun word! The pic's are super cute too! looks like you are getting the hang of that camera pretty easily!