Monday, August 17, 2009

Murphy time...

Our good friends Jim and Heather are getting ready to celebrate TEN years of marriage! what an accomplishment - nice work guys. To celebrate, they are going snowboarding in the southern hemisphere. I saw their board bags all packed up and ready to go... how weird it must be to pack your snowboarding gear when its a 90 degree August day in Los Angeles! Their trip sounds like it will be an adventure!
We have been trying to get together for a family get together for a few weeks now, and mostly kurt and i have not been able to keep up our end of plans due to one reason or another. So, we were happy to get to hang w/ them at their house this Saturday. It was a fun time, and Liam and Mackenzie have decided that they like eachother... it took a minute to warm up - but by the end of the evening, they were sharing tricycle rides, and fish at the raw bar... i even think Mackenzie took over the "wife" title. Sorry, no wedding pics... maybe in 25 years or so!
Heather took all these photos ;) thanks HB.

sharing is fun!

raw bar

"yummy blocks" - or "monkey see monkey do" not sure which caption is more appropriate.


super-fun ride! (and how cute are their chubby little feet??)


Anonymous said...

looks like the kids hit it off. Cute pictures.

becoming-mom said...

So cute! I love seeing the little one's interact - such a peak into the future!
Hope your party planning is going ok???