Friday, July 2, 2010


Sweet boy stepped on a bee tonight!
We were playing in the pool, he climbed out to get a towel, and all of the sudden started yelling "hurt hurt FOOT HURT HURT HURT!!!" We thought he stubbed his toe, but when he didn't let up, i went over to pick him up, and sure enough a bee fell off of his foot and was buzzing in circles on the ground... errrrrr!!!

so - he cried for about 20 seconds, and calmed down enough for me to explain what had happened - we whipped up some baking soda and water mixture to put on, and he was more concerned about the "mess" of the mixture on his foot than the "hurt"....

he was a trooper - his foot is a little swollen - but all of the rest of him is ok... we gave him a drop of childrens benadryl before he went to bed... so, we'll see how it goes.

updates to come.

any awesome bee sting advice to share???


Anonymous said...

oh no!! give him some kisses from gramma!

Jim Murphy said...

Advice? Pee on it. I know it works on jellyfish???