Friday, July 9, 2010


Kurt's good friend Brad and his two lovely daughters are visiting from Boise Idaho this week. Today was a special treat for the whole family. Brad's dad "Saul" owns Cali Camp which is an amazing summer camp for kids in Old Topanga that has been around longer than 50 years! This place is indescribable... acres and acres of native california landscape with all the fun things... swimming, horses, zip line, mini golf, tumbling, fishing, acting and dancing - arts and crafts... you name it! You need to be at least 4 to sign up for summer sessions... but we were lucky enough to get invited for lunch today. After lunch we were able to play a little mini golf with the kiddos.

The Daddy's even turn into little kids when they step on the property... the camp slogan is "It's a GREAT day at Cali Camp now that YOU have arrived!"
And it was!

How cute are Brad and Kurt teaching the babies how to play?
Brad is really getting into it - he is even wearing Brooke's red camp back pack.

Kurt is giving Liam a pep talk before the big shot.

...and setting him up for major sucess while Abby looks on.

All the kids have their own special "form" - here is Liam's style. Looks to me like he might have inherited Great Gran's shuffle board skills.

Brookie looks cute on the sidelines.

Liam is a little unsure of the INDIAN man.
Good friends playing together.

Brookie is a little-mommy and loves taking care of Liam.

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Anonymous said...

oh my god, how cute are those pictures!! Looks like everyone was having such a good time. The camp looks like a fantastic place for kids!! Glad you got to go.