Thursday, July 1, 2010

my other life...

I am finally home!
Back from my other life... that one where I work... and set up restaurants and try to grow revenues based on increasing participation, raising check averages and train on the importance of merchandising - the one where i attend LOTS and LOTS of meetings oh yes, and there is that ever present calculation that discusses variable and fixed costs... break even points and contribution margins... (are you bored yet?) So - I am so glad to be home - but i will say, I work for a great company. A company that believes that food is life, that breaking bread together creates community... and that investing in your community is one of the most important darned things that you can do. So - one night, our VP of communications opened up her home to all of us to spend a night of cooking together... we shopped at her local market and were broken into teams (hors d'oeuvres, appeys, entree, dessert) and given 30 minutes to shop (top chef style). she also has a wood burning pizza oven in her back yard - so her husband cooked up some amazing pies while we were in motion.

the menu ended up something like this:

-home made tortilla chips with fresh guacamole, pico de gallo and lime sour cream.
-grilled cheese quesadillas
-smoked portabello mushroom quesadillas

-local greens with point reyes blue cheese, red onion, strawberries and a white balsamic/honey-dijon vinaigrette

-grilled citrus and white balsamic halibut served on braised curry fennel (this description doesn't cleary explain this dish)
-red wine marinated flank steak with an onion balsamic reduction topped with fresh herbs

-gourmet smores bar with home made gluten-free graham crackers
-strawberry rhubarb cobbler with lavender whipped cream
-apricot - white chocolate cookies
-gluten free grilled peach crisp

the pizzas ranged from classic margherita to gorgozola, and walnut with mushrooms etc.

we ate... for hours....
although the food was delish... i am so blessed to be getting back to regular life with liam and kurt.
looking forward to a GREAT HOLIDAY WEEKEND!!!

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Anonymous said...

glad you are home! Was fun to see the pics..looked like a fun dinner. Lots of hard work being done!