Friday, July 16, 2010

ladies man

Meet Tiffany... or "Tiff" as Liam calls her. She is our summer nanny! Yes... Nanny - we have a nanny albeit temporary... she is awesome. Our regular daycare provider (Gail) retired July 1... which left us without daycare for the summer.. as Liam will start preschool Sept. 1. Tiffany has been the lead babysitter during our small groups, and we just love her... lucky for us, she was looking for a temporary summer gig before she heads off to College in San Luis Obispo. Win - Win! We absolutely love having her around... more importanly... Liam adores her.

Today was Tiffany's birthday, and she asked if she and her friends could take Liam to the Santa Barbara Zoo... we said "sure" and they were off this morning. Here they are in front of the Lion's Den.

Did I mention that Tiff is super duper cute, and so are her friends... look at Lucky Little Liam!
a short little video - they got to feed the giraffe, you can kind of hear Liam saying graffff


Anonymous said...

looks like a fun day at the fantastic santa barbara zoo! Looks like Liam and Tif are hitting it off.

Letherton said...

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becoming-mom said...

Lucky Liam!! Such a stud :)