Sunday, July 25, 2010

a few moments

we just got home from a few days spent w/ family and good friends in oregon.
the weather was great, and we had a blast.
liam was less than an angel on the flight out... he was "THAT" kid for the first 15-20 minutes of the flight when he yelled "OUUUUT" or "DOOOOWNNN" at the top of his lungs... it was awesome. i was glad that we were able to somehow distract him for the rest of the flight.. but it was exhausting... luckily the return flight went MUCH smoother.

speaking of exhausting... i am exhausted tonight... so just a few teeny moments of the fun filled weekend.. more this week...

gramma and liam ride the carousel at the salem waterfront

liam rides daddi-o's shoulders on the morning walk to get the newspaper

getting the paper (liam calls it the papierre - he thinks he is french).. i thought this picture was cute... liam was saying hi to a neigbor dog (dough-gie) as doting gramma and grampa beam on.
cousin alex was sweet enough to share his "raging waters" with liam during the visit at great-gran and great-gramp's house.

cute brother mikey and his lovely girlfriend christina

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Anonymous said...

Had so much fun with everyone! Wish we could do it more often. Miss everyone, and the house is too quiet. I need the sound of some little feet.