Sunday, July 11, 2010

splash pad

We live just a few minutes away from a really cool park. A big park with lots of hiking trails, a dog park, a duck pond... and our favorite new activity... the SPLASH PAD! We took Liam here last year - but he wasn't really walking well enough to have a blast. What a difference a year makes. Today the weather is in the 80's not too hot, not too cold... but just perfect to get a little wet outside. Liam was in need of something to DO... so I took him this morning. We sat on the sidelines for a good 20 minutes while he watched the kids run and squeal and laugh and get absolutely drenched. I honestly didn't think he was going to get wet. He would barely get a finger wet... then I started getting wet... then he followed suit. He got upset when his clothes were getting wet - so he wanted to take them off... good thing I had a swimmy diaper. So - he stripped down... and after he got his feet a little wet - there was no stopping him. He was a natural... he had SOOO much fun. Just a few shots. His face says it all.
I have a feeling we will be stopping by this park regularly this summer!

happy little water boy
just one of the kids...
he was the littlest one there - but it was cool because all of the big kids were very sweet to him.


... and he was running!

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Anonymous said...

he is having the time of his life!!