Friday, August 27, 2010

green car, flag truck and a postcard

VERY RANDOM post today... but a few tiny things happened today that I don't want to forget.

I just got home from picking up Liam at Gail's.
On the way home he said "GREEN CAR" "GREEN CAR" "GREEN CAR"... and i didn't think much of it until i looked around, and next to me was a bright green mustang. wow. I mean, I know we work on colors, and he might associate green with preschool things like grass and frogs... but a car... really? And NOT when we are working on colors?
hmmm... i had to test it.
So we pulled into a parking lot where a big semi truck was, and i said "Liam, what color is the truck" and he said "Flag".... it was red white and blue... he was right!
smart little boy!

which leads me to "postcard"... he got one today. From his teacher. His TEACHER! He is starting school next week! Her name is Ms. Amy and she said that she can't wait to see Liam and that his school year is going to be fun and exciting.

We can't wait!



Anonymous said...

What a smart grandson we have. Love the flag reference.

becoming-mom said...

What kind of school is he starting? Preschool?

Jasper knows all of his colors except has a lot of trouble with both red and green! I'm actually starting to suspect that he might be colorblind. Poor guy. But his favorite by far is blue. Watch out because I bet Liam picks a favorite and then you'll have to get everything in that color LOL:)