Monday, August 23, 2010

Happy 2nd Birthday Liam!

Happy 2nd birthday Liam!!!
Somewhere around mid August of 2008... in a sleep deprived fog, I closed my eyes... I opened them sometime around August 19th 2010 and I am amazed at how my life has changed. BUT, this isn't about ME... this is about YOU.... Limabean, you are TWO!
Two years amazing.
Two years delicious.
Two years curious.
Two years fearless.
Two years outrageous and energetic and tireless.
We MADE IT Liam. Past the sleepless nights, past the breast feeding, past the mommy and me groups. Past the bottles and baby food, the exersaucer, the bibs, the Mylecon, the infant seat carrier, the spitups and learning how to walk.
Past the first, second, third, fourth and beyond airplane rides... past the infinite Dr's appts. and vaccinations. The swaddling baby burritos. the teeting, the BABY phase... and LOOK. You are a boy. Just LOOK at how far we've come.
You are a total stud. The coolest kid we know. The coolest kid MOST people know. You are endearing and sweet and personable and just a pleasure. YOU can TALK - I mean seriously Liam, we COMMUNICATE! You can tell me when you are hot, cold, tired, hungry, happy, hurt, bored or whatever... we CHAT. We watch movies together, we have a LOT OF FUN together. This doesn't mean that you don't frustrate me from time to time, because lord knows... YOU DO, and clearly, you get frustrated too. This frustration appears in bouts of tantrums, yelling, lots of NOOOOOO's, and sometimes even hitting mama. I KNOW, Liam, that this is just because you don't quite know how to handle your feelings yet... I get it. It's ok. You are learing. You will never STOP learning, I am still learining... and its O.K.!
You are SWEET (did i mention you are sweet) , cautions, careful, empathetic - yet lively, full of spirit and joy.
You love to color, and I LOVE that you know that you ONLY color on paper (or "pee-per" as you call it). You love to swim and play and RUN. YOU LOVE LOVE LOVE MOVIES... I am amazed that you can sit through a WHOLE Disney Pixar film. Your favorite movies are:
CARS - you know ALL the names of ALL the cars
TOY STORY and TOY STORY 2 - You adore BUZZ and have a crush on JESSIE. You have a Mr. potato head which you call "TATO" and you are very skillful at putting all the parts in all the right places (most of the time.)
NEMO - you LOVE Nemo, Nemo's Daddy AND Dorrie
MONSTERS INC - you try so hard to say "Wazowski"

You are our joy, our love, our life.

We love you sweet angel.


Happy Birthday 2 year old big boy.

Mama and Daddy

watching Nemo

opening up his bday gift of the WHOLE TATO FAMILY

HAPPY 2nd bday Cake. They spelled his name wrong, so we had to do a bit of a recovery mission on the cake.

Sheer joy in seeing his candles and his cake (this is the 2nd of the cakes!)
cake is even better for breakfast the next day!
Liam climbed 81 steps on his birthday morning! He looks pretty happy about it!!

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Anonymous said...

It has been a great two years. He is such a fun little boy. He has made our lives so much fun!!! We love him dearly, and cherish all of the time we are so lucky to share with him. I really knew when you told us you were having a baby two years and 9 mo. ago that we would end up with a really fantastic grandchild, after all he has two great parents! Love you all!