Monday, August 9, 2010

note to self...

time is fleeting and memory fades...
kurt and i were chatting with pastor steve at church yesterday (he is the wonderful man who married us and leads the sheparding team at our church) he was telling us some funny family stories and things his kids used to say - and he was saying that they had waited too long to write certain things down that they wish they could remember... everyday things. like that his kids called the pacifier an "ucky-doo"... or that his daughter was petrified that she would go right down the drain with the bath water. things like that.

so - here are a few, that i don't want to forget about Liam.

- he calls his pacifier "tar"... we have NO idea how he came up with that one!
- he says "sure" when he means "yes"... its so cute, and gives him that carefree laid back persona
- he loves to jump... he counts... 1....2.....JUMP. he never tires of this.
- his favorite foods right now are hot dogs (which he used to call "hawks" but now can say "hot dog") and oatmeal - which he still calls "oh-meeeel"
- his favorite movies are toy story (a story) cars (he calls lightning mcqueen "stickers") and nemo (which he calls Neemu)
- he is beginning to say things like "tank u" and "i sorry" which melts my heart
- he loves going in the pool - even when its freezing. we will heat up the hot tub a little to bring him in, and he says "i want the BIG water" which means he wants to go in the pool...

these are just small little everyday things - that i hope i never forget.


Anonymous said...

it is so true, the little things mean a lot. His are such cute things he says, --don't forget the one where he says "hug" when he wants you to hold him. He will be so lucky to have this blog to look at when he is older, astually we all will be lucky to look back at it.

joven said...

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