Monday, August 16, 2010

images lost...

last night we celebrated Liam's 2nd bday with his grandma M. it was pretty fun - we unveiled the BIG bday gift (which he LOOOVED), he got a really cool Thomas the train from gramma which he also LOVED, we ate cake. Liam was so awesome with the cake and kept saying "my birfday".
we took about 200 photos.
we LOST about 200 photos.


what happened?

i took the memory card out of the camera and insert it into my computer to pick and choose the ones i liked (like i have done thousands of times before).. but THIS time. NOTHING.. no photos from 08.15.2010.... the last set was the moon photos from a couple of days ago.. WHERE DID THEY GO? they disappeared between camera and computer.

has this ever happened to you?
suggestions on retrieving them?
is the memory card bad?

i was sick about it all night. some of the shots were priceless....

i guess the silver lining is that his ACTUAL bday isn't until later this week... so, we can have a "re-do".... but still...



Anonymous said...

sorry the photos are gone..hopefully someone will help you find a way to retrieve them. glad the day was fun though!! the bounce house looks awesome. can't believe Beanie boy will be 2 in a couple of days. give him hugs and kisses from gramma!

becoming-mom said...

There is software available to recover images from cards that definitely works, I know lots of photogs who have used it... hope that helps?

In the meantime... HAPPY BIRTHDAY LIAM!!!

This is the year our two boys will finally meet, I'm sure of it :)