Monday, February 21, 2011


Potty training bootcamp that is.
Liam spent most of the weekend with his pants off. We kind of thought he might be ready to potty train, and figured that we would take advantage of the three day weekend - as we didn't have too much going on, and could spend some time with Liam to work on potty training. He has been doing pretty good on the potty - he will sit on it and go - but really only when HE wants to. The plan was by the end of the weekend - he would be potty trained.


We diligently took him to the potty every 30 minutes. He had some success - but a lot of times he didn't want to be on the potty - and didn't go. He seemed surprised when he actually did go. There were rewards and big dramatic potty dances.

There were several times where he would just start going (off the potty) so we would swoop him up - a stream of pee flying through the air (on the floor/ walls/ me - you get the picture) and plop him on the toilet until he was done. We mopped the floor about 25 times - it's never been cleaner by the way. We THOUGHT he would get it... he hasn't. He IS better... but far from potty trained. I guess he just isn't ready. As with everything else - he will do this on his time - why would we ever have thought differently?

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Anonymous said...

first of all the picture is too cute!!! And I can actually visualize how the weekend went. I guess it is good to know where he is...and who knows maybe he will "want" to do it in a couple of weeks. good luck.