Saturday, February 5, 2011

saturday hike

We had a great Saturday. We started our day with Sports Class - we signed up for another session through parks and rec... it meets on Saturday mornings at 9am for a half an hour. Liam is still a little young and doesn't quite get the concepts of all the sports - but he is getting better - and he seems to enjoy it, so we are sticking with it.
It was such a gorgeous day today (sorry East coasters!) high was around 78! So, we were itching to be outside. We attempted to go to a fun hike/picnic place called Red Rock Canyon... and we kind of got there (via gps directions) however, we ended up on the back side ... with no picnic area or anything. Liam was a trooper and did part of the hike and had a blast throwing rocks, kicking dirt and being a total boy!
It was fun to do something different... explore a little and see a local spot that we have never seen before - it was pretty spectacular!

on top of the world!

coming down

throwing some rocks over the edge

time for a water break!

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Anonymous said...

looks like a fun day! Liam seems to like exploring. Kind of reminds me of some of our many outings we took with you and Mike. Fun!