Thursday, February 24, 2011

yummy :)

Round here, we love us some red velvet cake balls... even the littlest member of the team loves them, and was very curious about the colorful sprinkled chocolate covered goodness that was tied up with a pink ribbon.
SO curious that he just had to check it out - he was so cute - I had to take some pics.

"mommy, can i please have one? pleeeeease?"

"If you can unwrap it, you can have one... just ONE"

almost there...
Getting closer.
(Can you tell that i absolutely LOVE this face??!!)

Sweet sweet chocolatey success!!!

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Anonymous said...

Glad he was determined to get in there and get one of your yummy (to the max) cake balls. Have I said lately that he is the most adorable boy ever!! gramma love sent your way, straight from Salem, land of snow.