Wednesday, February 2, 2011


SO - apparently there are some health benefits of drinking fresh juice... I mean REALLY fresh juice. I have been reading this book called "Clean" that tells all kinds of good stuff about it. SO.... I thought I would give it a whirl.

Here is my new toy -a Breville Juicer - not the top of the line... but not the bottom of the barrel either.

My first experiment was apple, carrot and celery. It was on the list of the least weird combinations. Also - I had all three on hand because Liam and I went to our regular Tuesday night Farmer's Market date.

So - I started with two apples, a few carrots and a stalk or so of celery - all organic from local farms.

THis is what two apples a few carrots and a stalk or so of celery look like when juiced. A little frothy, a funky color - but WOW... this stuff was actually good! I barely even tasted the celery. Next time I will add some lemon so its not SO sweet.

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