Friday, February 18, 2011


Last night Kurt and I had a great date night and saw "Rock of Ages" at the Pantages! It was AWESOME! It takes place on the Sunset Strip circa late 80's early 90's when the glam bands were making their way onto the music scene in a big way. The costumes were a hoot - the music was so much fun, and the entire show was a blast! This show was especially fun because Kurt actually lived in LA and hung out on the Sunset Strip when all of this was REALLY happening... so he knew all of the little inside jokes - like about the new Arby's moving onto the strip - and that the "Bourbon Room" was really "Gazari's" .... i think he even used to dress like these guys - seriously! (I think my brother kind of did too - they are about the same age and liked the same kind of music)... Even if you were never into glam rock or hair bands... SEE THIS SHOW if you can. It was only the 2nd night of performance in L.A. and it only stays here fore 2 weeks. Oh - and that guy from American Idol - Constantine Maroulis was the lead - and he was great!

Some of the covers featured bands like: Whitesnake, Pat Benetar, Twisted Sister, Poison, Asia, Night Ranger, Styx, REO Speedwagon - and more :)

Here are some pix and our playbill!!

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Anonymous said...

looks like it was fun!!!! gotta love all of the different era's of rock. I had heard that Constantine M. was in it, just didn't know he was the lead. glad you had fun!!