Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Valentine's Day Love

Happy Valentine's Day (just a couple of days late!) We have been so busy over here, i have sorely neglected to update this blog - but I can not skip over Valentine's Day - especially because we had such a nice one this year :)

We baked cookies as a family over the weekend. Liam did a GREAT job of decorating the cookies and putting lots of sprinkles, sparkles and candies on top. We gave the cookies to some friends and teachers - they were a big hit!

We had a special dinner guest on Sunday night - Arlene - Grammy M! She has been sick for a while so, we haven't seen much of her lately - actually we really haven't spent any time with her since the holidays, so it sure was great to get to spend some time with her - know Liam enjoyed it. One of the funniest moments of the night is when Liam asked for his sleeping bag - when he disappeared inside of it for an extended amount of time, we realized that he had gone in there to sneak away and eat more chocolate (after we had told him "thats enough")! We got a good laugh about that especially since he had done something similar at Christmas.

On Valentine's morning, we had a love fest skype call w/ Gramma and Grampa in Oregon - they had sent a box of goodies for Liam, so we had him open it while they watched - it was pretty cool... gotta love skype for times like that! At 9:30 there was a party at school. Liam and I made the fruit salad together - and all of the other moms pitched in and brought bagels w/ pink cream cheese, goldfish, juice, cookies and really fun crafts. It was a fun party - probably one of the best because Liam actually decided to WEAR his listening ears, he was engaged, he followed instructions, he loved the food, the crafts and passing out his valentine's cards!

When we got home from school, we got to go through his bag of treats - he got some great stuff :) His school even gave him a teeshirt to wear for School Pride Day! how fun!

After Liam went down, Kurt and I had a delicious and healthy dinner at home together (at the grown ups table which we rarely eat at!) - it was a great time to reconnect, turn off the TV and actually talk... we should do that more often :) I highly reccommend it!

Happy Valentine's Day!

How cute is the little love bugs bulletin at school? i love it!
Our Valentine's Day table setting.

Liam's cookies - they were so cute - and how funny are the new conversation hearts? "holla"

"CHEESE" w/ grammy m.

He was lovin all the cards :) he especially liked the cards from the grammas/ grampas and the special special doggie card that he got in the mail from his GREAT GRAN!
I am not sure i can explain... he just decided that the shirt needed to come off so the necklace could speak for itself!

passing out invitations - Ms Danielle is such a great helper!
Daddy was a super helper too!
We all pitched in (even Mommy got a minute to help out and pass the camera to Dad!)

This is what 14 two year olds looks like eating breakfast together! They are all so cute - we are blessed that Liam is meeting some really great friends!

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Anonymous said...

really cute post! The love bugs are just the best!!! Looks like it was a good valentines day! Oh, by the way, the cookies are beautiful and look yummy!!!!xoxogma