Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Mr. Cool

It is official... Liam has att-i-tude and a killer smile, and these photos prove it!
Our friend Jaime of jlvphotography came over this weekend to snap some pics of the little man and got some really awesome shots.
(would you believe all of these shots were taken in our back yard??)


becoming-mom said...

Awesome!! I love them all, but the last one in the basket is just amazing.. your little guy definitely is the coolest looking baby I've ever seen!

becoming-mom said...

Wait, where do you live that he's wearing a short sleeve shirt outside??? I'm so jealous.

kurt and kari said...

ariana - we live in los angeles where it is in the 70's (i know - worlds away from NY!!) actually Kurt is in NY right now enjoying the chill.

becoming-mom said...

Well that explains it! I can't complain too much though, there is a freakish warm streak coming through and it's going to be 50 tomorrow. Which is positively spring like this time of year!