Thursday, February 12, 2009

sweet potatah

This post is a bit delayed, because we actually started the sweet potatoes about a week ago... with Liam being sick etc. i haven't had time to get the pics posted.
We decided that we were going to do our best to make Liam's baby food from scratch using whole fresh organic ingredients - and locally-grown whenever possible. (Yes, I am drinking the Bon Appetit sustainability kool-aid, but there are worse things! For anyone who doesn't know - I work for Bon Appetit, here is a link to our site on sustainability and social responsibility) Kammy got me the awesome "babycook" machine for my shower - and I have been dying to use it - finally I have. I have a feeling, I will be using it ALOT. The little machine is a tiny dynamo, it steams AND purees - and is a total indulgence, but i love it - did i mention that it looks really cool too? The only REAL work i had to do was peel and dice the sweet potatoes. The machine pretty much did the rest. We started with two potatoes at a time, that gave us enough for a few feedings with leftover to freeze for next time. Liam wasn't sure about this new food at first, but once I got the consistency right, and by the 2nd feeding he gobbled it up. Next veggie will be peas - I think we will try those tonight!
the sweet potato flow chart :)
daddy feeds Liam

mmmmmmmaybe i'll eat this.

i can drink water from a cup now!


Tiffany said...

I love your "flow chart" soo funny! And your high chair matches our car seat and stroller! good taste!

becoming-mom said...

I want that machine! Jasper liked the sweet potatoes too, but he farted for like an hour after.. so we tried squash and it seems to sit better with him.

Glad Liam seemed to like his first meal!

How often do you give him water?