Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Good News/Bad News

Bad news first...
Liam has been sick with a really bad cold all weekend, we took him to the Dr. yesterday - and turns out he has an ear infection :( so, my little baby started taking his first antibiotics (amoxicillin). the instant i opened the bottle of bright pink liquid, that smell - half medicine, half bubblegum smell brought me right back to being a little kid and sick... funny how smells do that. i told kurt, and he smelled it - did the same thing to him!
Liam has been out of daycare and I have been staying home with him for two days. And I am seriously getting the bare minimum amount of work done, I am secretly (or not so secretly) really loving spending the extra time with him - also, since he has been sick, he has been really clingy and needy... the extra cuddles have been priceless! All of that being said... seeing him so miserable breaks my heart.
Lucky for Liam, the whole family is pitching in to take care of him and make sure that he feels better soon! (special thanks to nurse ace!

Ok - now the good news.
On the same day he was diagnosed with an ear infection - he showed us that a little old infection wasn't going to keep him down - and he decided he wanted to sit up... by himself :) I put the boppy behind him because i am paranoid... but he didn't need it, and loves his new "trick"!


Mommy Moreno said...

yayyyy! That is adorable!
Im so glad youve been able to enjoy your time home with him - even if it isnt under the best of circumstances. Hope he gets well SOON!

Anonymous said...

Hope he is feeling better soon! Tye has that toy and it was one of his favorites for the longest time. He still pulls it out and plays with it every once in a while.

becoming-mom said...

Wow, he's not even wobbly! Go Liam!!
(is he feeling better??)