Friday, February 20, 2009

Half-a-year! Where has my baby gone?

6 – count em… SIX – a half a dozen big months of Liam, and it has gone by as if it had been 6 days. So much has gone on with you over the past month, it’s like you aren’t just a little baby anymore – you are turning into a little person… with your own personality – and your own quirks. Your little body has gone from being just a swaddled, sleeping, crying, pooping, helpless little teeny infant…. To a sleeping, pooping, playing, eating, squealing, hugging, tugging, scooching, sitting up, playing, rolling, laughing, loveable (dare I say it ) toddler. Well, maybe not quiiite a “toddler” yet – but I wouldn’t classify you as an “infant” anymore. Case in point – you are about a minute away from outgrowing your “infant” car seat. I remember when we brought you home from the hospital, we had that thing cranked down, had added head rests, and neck rolls, and stuffed blankets in there just so you wouldn’t flop around… now – every adjustment is maxed out, you barely fit with just a t-shirt on (forget about it if you are wearing a sweater) and your toes even hang over! The mfg. says the weight limit is 22 lbs… you weighed in at 20 even at your Dr’s appt this week – and you are 27.5 inches long (that’s over two feet!!!)
Liam, you bring so much joy to us! Meal times are an especially happy time in our house. You have proven to be a bit of a clown and provide us with so much entertainment – who would have thought just watching a baby eat would be so much fun…. But it really is SO much more than just eating, or just food, or just sustenance. I am realizing that eating IS learning, and all of these little faces you are making are all the result of a FIRST experience… a first taste of cereal (happy face) a first taste of bananas (unsure face) a first taste of peas (disgusted face) a first taste of pumpkin (messy face) a first time holding the spoon (triumph!)… you are even drinking water from a cup (victorious)!
This is turning into a novel – but this past month was just so entirely jam packed with new things… one not so fun new thing was your horrible cold and ear infection diagnosis (bummer) and it was so sad to see you so sad – but you took your medicine like a champ, and are back to your old self already.
Happy 6 month birthday Lima Bean.


becoming-mom said...

Aw, well put mamma. Happy Birthday Liam!

Anonymous said...

Happy half Birthday Liam! Kari I say this from personal experience but it only gets better!

Tiffany said...

Happy 6 months Liam! I love the picture. And well written Kari.