Friday, February 6, 2009

feeling black and white

Sorry mom - no Liam in this post.
Lately I have been very inspired by all of these great design blogs out there. My most recent fave inspiration photo is the first photo below. I actually found this photo after i picked up the most fab white chesterfield/style sofa a few weeks ago. Although I loved the sofa, i kept second guessing that it would "go" and how i was going to incorporate it etc. After I saw this pic, I knew it was a great purchase with lots of potential. What i also really love in this photo (that i do NOT currently have) are the amazing build outs, and that to die for vintage zebra rug! M
aybe some day. If I ever do splurge for either, I will update w/ pics.

Here are my cheap impersonations! Ace is filling in for the zebra rug!

Inspired by the zebra rug (and my cute little pup) I have been feeling "Black and white" - i put out a few of my little black and white doo dads in the ikea hutch. (which by the way is going on 4 years old, and still standing - i am shocked)

These little cocktail plates are "vintage" pottery barn - the sayings are super cute.

My favorite.
I will resume my regulary scheduled Liam posts next time. Have a great weekend!


Mommy Moreno said...

i am such a fan of B&W! its so classic! The room looks great. :)

Tiffany said...

looks great kari! come do my house next k.

becoming-mom said...

That couch is to die for!!