Friday, February 13, 2009

not so sweet pea...

i'll keep this one short and sweet.

one observation about peas. and two lessons learned.

* fresh peas that are pureed are astonishingly GREENER than what you see in baby food jars.
* liam clearly does not like peas (for now).
* oops... i guess i should have referred to all of those baby food books i have,and i would have known that peas are on the "introduce at 7 months" list.


Tiffany said...

yes peas are very very green ... crazy huh! he is so cute! i love how into it Kurt is.

Anonymous said...

His eyes are SOOOOO Blue!

becoming-mom said...

Whoa, that IS green! Thanks for the FYI cause we were going to try peas soon as well.

I thought of you guys this weekend.. I was browsing the baby food aisle at BRU and ran into another mom and baby and started chatting. Turns out he was born the day after Jasper and Liam!