Tuesday, April 6, 2010

even at 35...

yes.... even at 35... parents RULE.
mine maybe moreso than most.
maybe i am feeling a bit sad because liam and i just dropped them off at the airport... and they are flying from california to oregon right now... but seriously. they are the best.
even if i thought at 16 i was "too cool"... even if i thought at 18 "i'm an adult"... even if i thought at 21 "i'm an adult, i can do it on my own"... i have learned that i can't do it on my own... even with a family of my own...at 35... i absolutely adore you both - and i still need you!

look what they helped me plant today...
a garden... now, its no "EAST SIDE menslage garden"... no vineyards, or alpacas or anything... in fact, it started as just an herb garden... but we expanded the crop to include two varieties of tomatoes and two varieties of strawberries too!
now, we just need to keep it alive!

lavender and rosemary lavender


"earlygirl" tomato plant

the little helper bean with one glove (michael jackson style)

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Anonymous said...

Kar, You are the most fantastic daughter we could have imagined - and a truly amazing MAMA for Liam! We had such a great time with you guys! Hope your garden grows as beautifully as your family!