Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Happy 20 months Lima Bean!

My little Lima Bean,
You are now 20 months old. Just a mere 4 months away from the date when your age will no longer be referred to in months.. but rather YEARS… I think I remember this bittersweet feeling from the times when we transitioned your age reference from weeks to months.
What is new with you this month?
Oh – let’s see…
You are still majorly obsessed with Balls and Cars – these are STILL your very favorite things. A ball at a store will stop you in your tracks as you shout “BALL BALL BALL BA BA BA BALLLLL” until you are able to touch it.
We lovingly call you our Magpie because you now repeat EVERYTHING we say. Which is good and bad… we have to consciously remember to watch all of our p’s and q’s because the “earmuffs” game which we learned from the movie “old school” isn’t working anymore!
This month you have become extremely attached to your Daddy. Most of the time he is your preferred parent… and that’s ok. You were a Mommy’s boy for a very long time, and your Daddy is so smitten with you, that he is relishing in this new admiration.
We couldn’t imagine this life without you – keep on shining our little son.
Your mama


Anonymous said...

He is just the sweetest thing ever! I have been thinking about his 20 month bday since yesterday. Seems like time is going way too fast!!! Can't wait for our next visit. xoxo

becoming-mom said...

Awww, happy 20 months belatedly! I can't believe we need to start thinking about 2nd birthday plans!!!