Friday, April 30, 2010

when life gives you lemons....

And I mean REALLY BIG lemons...

We inherited a lemon tree when we moved in a couple of years ago - she's not so pretty.. she's extremely THORNY... but omg... she IS fruitful! AND we love her.

I was outside yesterday tending to the herbs and veggies... and realized that I haven't paid a bit of attention to our lil lemon tree.... and WOW! WOW! She is LOADED with lemons. How and WHEN did they all grow?!? How could we have been so... UN observant?

We found som HUGE lemons... SO huge in fact... i fear through photo - you will never REALLY know the splendor of their... "largeness" - so, we will try, by capturing next to ordinary items... so MAYBE, just MAYBE, you will understand their gurth.

next to a standard box of matches..
and again... WOW - right?
OK - photographers... a humble lens cap - WOW.

ok - Mom's of boys - a standard "Cars" lightning mcqueen... WOW.
OK workaholics - next to a standard Blackberry - WOW!

and.. here's another miracle.. she seems to be... ummm... anatomically - err... "correct"??? WOW!

a sinkfull of tart goodness... WOW!
When life gives you lemons - put them in a pretty bowl, that was given to you by a good friend... and be thankful for your abundance!!!


Tiffany said...

wowza! those are some big lemons!

Anonymous said...

mmmmm, maybe lemon pie. or lemonade is in the future.