Tuesday, April 13, 2010

take me out to the ballgame!

Another fabulous opening day at Dodger Stadium! It's a Menslage family tradition! Kurt and I haven't missed an opening day in 9 - maybe 10 years! This year was Liam's 2nd opening day... you can read about last years game day here.

Some things were the same this year:
- He is wearing the SAME jersey as last year... it actually fits him this year.
- The Dodgers kicked some butt again this year (9-1 vs Arizona)
- We had great seats and a great time!

Some things were different:
- He would NOT wear his hat this year (different hat... his head grew!)
- It was just the three of us this time
- He got to eat a Dodger dog! (at least a bite... and even though hot dogs are one of his favorite foods... he wasn't into the Dodger Dog... probably too much going on.

game day!

snuggling with daddy on a beautiful day

great seats (1st base side)
he was VERY into the beach ball game, he and kurt even got to hit a couple
think blue.

we lasted about 4 innings... the game started at 1pm, (liam's nap time exactly)
he did great.. we didn't want to push it.


Anonymous said...

looks like another fun dodger day!

becoming-mom said...

So great that he can sit still for such a long time to enjoy these sorts of things! Looks like you had a blast :)