Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!

Happy Happy Easter!
We had a great day...
The festivities actually started yesterday with egg coloring and cookie cutting and decorating... then a super exciting easter morning (peter cottontail found liams house and brought lots of goodies!) then a wonderful church service, all followed by a lovely brunch... more photos will come later this week. but for now, here are some of the family shots from today.

a very rare shot of all three of us (oh and a fourth - mr. cottontail himself) g-link, limabean and grampa-bob
grammy m and liam

so, rockie the clown isn't part of our family, but liam sure took a liking to her... she loved him too, and made him a balloon dog on a leash.

he cleaned up - at the egg hunt!

* ok... how cute is the suit? thanks ariana and jasper for the lead on helping liam to be so styling this easter!


becoming-mom said...

I love that you got a family shot.. and seriously, I didn't think anyone could look as cute as Jasper in his easter suit, but I think Liam gives him a run for his money!!

kurt and kari said...

Ari, you should be getting commission from Target! I wonder how many of your readers picked up this same outfit for their little easter boys?!?
btw - jasper is the o.g. suit cutie!

Cherie Goodpasture "Only Admit One" All Rights Rsvd. said...

LOVE the suit! And so hip with the converse! :D