Monday, April 12, 2010


proof of either:
a) my kid looks cute in anything
b) i'm his mama, and to me, he looks cute no matter what.
you decide.
he had a bit of an "explosion" at daycare today. since this is a rarity, and he no longer spits up... i don't pack a 2nd outfit to send to daycare... so, today - this must've been in the daycare "treasure chest". so when i picked him up, he was dressed in about a 4 sizes too small, about 20 years old one piece pj sitiuation...
but still... he looks cute - no?
(spoken like a true mommy!)


Anonymous said...

he still looks as cute as always!! VERY CUTE!

Tiffany said...

I have to agree Liam is one cute kiddo!

becoming-mom said...

LOL, I AM supposed to fill his little container in his cubby with extra clothes but I always forget to update them... I picked up Jasper one day in a gettup very similar to this one. Daycare mom's right of passage I guess :)