Friday, April 23, 2010

just wasting time.

these pics were from today - i picked up Liam from daycare - we had no plans, nowhere to go, nothing to do... spaghetti sauce on our shirt - but our spirits were good... so - we spent a little time... just wasting time in the backyard before dinner.

sometimes wasting time is... really really good.

i hope you get the chance to waste a little this weekend!


this one is funny - i think i caught him in a mid belly-laugh thing... the clapping hands and crooked little smile make me happy.

he loves to go in and out through the doggie door.
do you think he possibly has a future career as a plumber??


Anonymous said...

those pictures are sooo cute! belly laughs from our kids AND grandkids are the best! Plumber bootie is also the cutest thing ever!! xoxo

Tiffany said...

Great pic's! I love the plumber crack ... no crack yet but it'll get there, lol