Monday, April 26, 2010

grow baby grow

"WE HAVE CROPS!" is what i yelled to Kurt this afternoon - to which he sarcastically and calmly responded... "crops?".... YES, CROPS!

Remember the little garden we planted a few weeks ago? Guess what - the first little tomato and the first little strawberry have appeared!

Even Liam was in disbelief - his caption reads" "WHAT?!?!? CROPS?"

some proof - look at this little beauty...

Limabean got to tast the first sawbury... which is what he calls "strawberry"

on other "green" news - the roses are in bloom... here is our first fresh cut bouquet from the backyard. i particularly like yellow roses... aren't they lovely?


Anonymous said...

Glad the garden is growing. It will be a fun thing for Liam to watch as it grows even more. The roses are fabulous!! xoxo

becoming-mom said...

Wow, that was fast! How fun to teach him about the lifecycle already.. Jasper loves "Bahberries" too!