Friday, January 8, 2010

christmas photos - 3 a day + 1 v.4 (final)

are we all over christmas yet?

we still have our tree up, lights up - and even some random wrapping paper strewn about... a half eaten gift basket on the table and the candy cane crumbles have turned into globs of peppermint glue and are stuck to the counter from the baking adventure that was weeks ago.

i have high hopes that we will wrap it up this weekend... but that is a HIGH hope. in efforts of moving on, and starting a fresh new year (which i have decided by the way, that mine isn't officially starting until next week)... i am posting the last of the christmas 2009 photos.

you've heard of the elf on a shelf? we have a family of them. they aren't the REAL "elf on a shelf" - but i think they are cuter! they keep watch over little boys and girls to make sure they are being nice, and report any "naughtiness" back to the big guy.
aren't they cute?
i am just putting this one in here, because it looks like liam is about to pluck the light straight off the tree. i thought it looked kind of cool.
...visions of sugarplums...
AND milk bones!
i hope your holiday season was merry and bright.


Anonymous said...

loved the pics! The elf on a shelf is so cute. Liam looks like he had a fun time! The light he is touching reminds me of the fireflies in Pirates of the Carribean, disneyland!

Anonymous said...

Also your house looks so warm and cozy with the lights on the tree and the glow from the fireplace!! Just right for Santa!!

becoming-mom said...

I agree, the last picture makes me want to come in and take a nap.. so COZY!