Monday, January 11, 2010

mac or pc? open discussion...

what do you have?
what do you wish you had? why?
pros? cons?

kurt and i are getting a new computer - (our family christmas gift to eachother)
we have been longtime pc users and are on the verge of making the switch (gasp) to mac. do you use one? is it really worth the extra $$?


Cherie Goodpasture of "Only Admit One" Copyright 2009. All Rights Reserved. said...

I want to kill my mom's mac everytime I "try" to use it. It is so backwards. But I am never one for change. ;D

Mommy Moreno said...

what do you have? MAC
I wouldnt have it any other way - because, well, mac's are far superior ;) JK. sort of.

*Mac dont get viruses. You dont have to worry about that - and thats HUGE imo.
*they make more sense once you get used to them. They will make you realize PCs are actually the ones that are backwards.
*theyre a prettier, cleaner design, inside & out
*tons of cool apps
*GREAT customer service

heres an article with more reasons:

GL deciding!!

The Galloway Clan said...

What I have...a PC (just got one for Christmas and am lovin' so far).

What I want...a MAC. But a PC just seemed practical pricewise right now.