Sunday, January 31, 2010

god bless little boys

one of the things i love most about being a mom to a little boy is seeing his face when he discovers something new... something he has never seen before... discovers he can do something he has never done before - or say something that he has never said before.
such sweetness in the innocence.
such joy in his happiness.

the sheer uncomplicated bliss of little boys.
nothing to do but explore the world and make us smile!

he is feeling better... back to his normal inquisitive curious little self. and this alone makes me happy.

this weekend the weather was nice...
nice enough to spend a good chunk of time outside. he loves to run - run free.
explore new things, no parameters, no stinkin baby gates, nothing off limits...


and running...

gleefully running.

checking out the world.
all of this running, and playing, and exploring, learning doing.
makes a little boy very tired.

and leads to very long crashed out naps.
thank god someone invented video monitors - so us moms can enjoy these little moments!

have a great week.


Anonymous said...

so glad he is feeling better. Looks like a fun day! He is lucky to have you for his Mommy!

becoming-mom said...

Look at that hair!!! And those cute little PJs.. I love those two piece pjs. But here in our part of the world it's blanket sleepers until spring :)

So glad he's feeling better!