Thursday, January 28, 2010

ding ding ding... we have a winner!

well.. as usual, with a big decision - my practical side takes over and kicks my creative sides ass... and ... ((drumroll)) PC wins!

the good news is - we just ordered a smokin' fast Dell laptop w/ a 17" screen and most of the bells and whistles, loaded w/ microsoft office etc.. my company has a partnership with Dell, so I was able to use a 25% off promo code and we got it for less than we could have picked up the base model 13" macbook pro.

yes mom - it comes with a camera. get ready to get your skype on!


Anonymous said...

i am doin' a happy, happy, happy dance!

Tiffany said...

don't forget about me too! So cool the boys will be able to see each other! And aunty m i'd love to see that happy dance too ...