Wednesday, January 13, 2010

have you noticed?

I have joined the rest of the blogosphere in participating in "project 365" which in my case is a blatant misnomer... in fact, i did not jump on the bandwagon until 1.9.10... so, really - it should be project 365-8ish (i am bad at math, and who's counting anyway?)... but really, one of my resolutions was for 2010 (i will share the complete list soon i promise... again, spoken like a true procrastinator... we know this about me by now) is to find joy every day, and to capture it.
so far, i have posted beautiful abby, a kick-ass paint job, a sunset that i found while doing the dishes, a peek into my quest for a sippy that doesn't leak and some delicious cookies (which by the way, i did NOT eat - we'll talk about THAT resolution someday)... anyway. these nuggets of "daily joy" will have no rhyme or reason (other than arrive at some point daily), and probably wont follow any "golden rules" or "rule of thirds"...they might not be in focus, the exposure may be all out of whack and the composition may be ALL wrong. i am not promising anything other than a snippet of something that made me smile, that i would like to remember.... and share.

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Anonymous said...

yes, I did notice when it said 365- that that was probably what you were doing. It looks like a fantastic project! It will be fun to see what delights come your way! and a reminder for all of us to see our own as well. xoxo g-link