Saturday, January 16, 2010

i love the weekend!

hallelujah its the weekend!
nowhere to go.
noplace to be.
our kind of day!

waking up to yo gabba gabba, some milk and a snack.

on to pumpkin spiced pancakes (thanks for the mix g-link ... mmm). with home made blueberry compote. unsure about the whole thing.

what? i really have to eat this?


i can't wait til' i can pick what i wanna eat. mac n cheeze EVERY DAY! phltttt!


Anonymous said...

I agree about the weekends!! He is such an adorable little munchkin!! Would love to have one of those blueberry smooches right now! G-Link

Tiffany said...

oh my i love the blueberry kiss! Great pictures! He is looking like such a big boy! I probably say that every time i comment but he just amazes me every time. Miss you guys.