Saturday, January 30, 2010

Happy Bday Dakoda!

Happy Birthday Dakoda, Dak-man, Big D, Little D, "D"...

we so enjoyed your visit! you have grown into such a wonderful young man (wow.. your auntie sounds REALLY OLD when she talks like that huh?!) but seriously... you are a joy and so much fun... not to mention a total ROCK STAR HOCKEY MASTER!

thanks for all of your help while you were here - we know Lima Bean LOVED hangin out w/ his big cuz. Have a great year Dak man... wishing you the best of the best!
lots of love!
KK, AK, and LB - oh jinxie and aceface too!
p.s. maybe you can have a diet cooooke on your big day! xoxo

Thanks for being part of the morning routine... first breakfast on the couch w/ some juice and yo gabba gabba.

Mama Sherri... don't you look at the picture below and still see your "little" man... about the same size as Lima Bean? No matter how big or old you get Dakoda... you will always be your mama's baby boy!

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