Wednesday, January 20, 2010

welcome east siders!

I am happy to say that Scott and Dakoda arrived safely at LAX last night and we are so excited they are here. There very first stop was to swing by and see Great Grandpa where they met up with Grammy M.

It has been almost 2 years since Grammy M. has seen Dakoda... and my oh my what a difference 2 years makes. Especially the 2 years between 13 and 15! Our sweet "little" "Dak-man" is 6 foot 2!! yes, 6 foot 2! AND playing VARSITY hockey... and killing it!

Grammy M's expression when she saw Dakoda for the first time...
her face says it all!

And to put a better perspective on what it is like to look UP... WAAAAAY UP to your first grandson.. check it out!
* photo credits to Kurtie-pie.. nice shots honey!

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Anonymous said...

looks like a joyful and great family reunion!!