Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Happy 17 months Lima Bean

Happy 17 months to my favorite buddy.

This is going to be a quick entry because we are busy getting ready for your uncle Scott and cousin Dakoda to arrive - your daddy just left to go pick them up from the airport. They are coming to meet you for the first time, and to see your Great Grandpa who is really really sick right now. Speaking of your Great Grandpa, we took you to see him this week, he was mostly unaware of who was in the room... except for you. When you said hello to him and touched his hand... he lit up like a Christmas tree... really Liam - you have a way of doing that to people! It made his day - and it really made your Daddy's day to see that. THANK YOU!

You are still a ham. You dance and laugh a lot.. but you have a temper too. You walk like you have walked your whole life...and are RUNNING. RUN LIAM RUN. You are fast... like the wind. The other day, when daddy and i looked away for MAYBE 5 seconds, you had already made your sneaky escape out the dog door where we found you cracking yourself up in the backyard. This is typical you. Good thing we got the pool gate! Along with your advanced mobility comes the advanced boo boos... today you scratched your cheek on a box AND got a fat lip at daycare... BE CAREFUL young man.

You are a helper. You know where trash goes, and like to help throw it away. You are also very interested when I am cooking anything.. you say UP UP UP, so that i will pick you up to see whats cookin.

You are a ladies man, and have two girlfriends... and recently got totally busted for it... BE CAREFUL young man!

This month we had Christmas, New Years, went to the zoo and were a social butterfly - you took it all in stride. I love that you are the kid who just rolls with it.

I can't wait for you to spend some time with your East Coast Family this upcoming week :) they love you so much... so do I!

love mama.


Anonymous said...

Happy 17 months Liam!! Time is flying by. Can't wait to see you.
xoxoxo G-Link

becoming-mom said...

Awww, happy birthday Liam! I hope greatgrandaddy feels better soon :(

Anonymous said...

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